We are pleased to offer you courses of Spanish Language for Foreigners within the adventure to join a Mexican friend and social life in Monterrey. LCB Spanish School on casual learning basis, are dedicated exclusively to teach chill out spanish and get to know the way of life of your dear ones in Town. We are also very flexible if can not take full time classes we ajusted hours, days & weeks in order to cover special courses.

Lessons start any day of the week, please choose one of the options to find diferent number of hours per day as well as days per week that you may want to apply:

  • Survive Spanish

  • Turism Spanish

  • Nahualt Spanish (Minimum 4 people)

  • Mexican Cooking (Minimum 4 people)

  • Perfect match; Painting,
    Fotography, Salsa Dance,
    or Percussions lessons
    when You´re learning Spanish.
    (Minimum 4 people.)